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Before the Butcher is revolutionizing the industry with UNCUT®, the 1st Family of Plant-Based Burgers. These patties will satisfy all tastes with the UNCUT PLANT-BASED burger™, UNCUT PLANT-BASED savory chicken burger™, UNCUT PLANT-BASED roasted turkey burger™ and the 2019 FABI Award recipient UNCUT PLANT-BASED breakfast sausage pattyTM. You won’t want just one, you will want all of them

Before the Butcher has also launched Mainstream™ plant-based burger patties. Until Mainstream patties hit the market, there were no plant-based burgers that fit into most family’s food budget. Mainstream competes with traditional burger patties, not only in taste, but in price. We brought plant-based to the people and made meatless mainstream.


Before the Butcher’s line of UNCUT PLANT-BASED chicken chunks™ and UNCUT PLANT-BASED beef tips™ will give you the hearty bite and chew you would expect from a meaty piece of protein. From burritos and pastas to salad and stir fry, these tasty bites will give you the protein you need and you won’t miss a thing.


Let Before the Butcher make your favorite recipes meatless, with our extensive line of flavorful UNCUT PLANT-BASED Grounds and Crumbles. All with amazing taste and so versatile you can use in any recipe that would require traditional ground meat. Meatballs, tacos, meatloaf, hash, patties, pizza toppings, bolognaise, stuffed cabbage or mushrooms, and on and on and on…


Before the Butcher also has flavorful UNCUT PLANT-BASED pulled pork™. It will “pull” you in with its smoky, BBQ flavor and keep you coming back for more with the familiar bite and chew of pulled pork. 100% plant-based, 100% delicious.

All of our products are made with concern for the environment, human health and animal welfare


The Healthy You

Health is important to us. That is why all of our products are gluten-free, non-GMO Project verified and cholesterol-free. We put in all the good stuff so you feel better after you eat.



Our products use less water, less land and less time to make or produce than similar animal-based food products. With less wear and tear on the environment for a better future


Animal Welfare

We love animals! All of our products are animal-free with concern for the welfare of all our furry, scaly and slippery friends who share this amazing earth with us.



We are dedicated to working with our younger generations in K-12, colleges & universities. Providing information to help them better understand how a plant-based lifestyle is healthier for their bodies, the planet and the animals, of course.