– Before the Butcher takes the plant-based meat scene in groceries and restaurants

On today’s episode of The Good Fork I’m chatting with plant-based protein expert Danny O’Malley. He’s the founder and president of Before the Butcher, a leading provider of plant-based burgers and other meat alternatives. Maybe you’ve tried his meats on the new vegan menu at Evel Pie in Las Vegas.

His company was among the first to bring meat look-alike and taste-alike products to the growing number of consumers concerned about the negative effects of meat production and consumption on animal welfare, climate change and human health. He is also an international speaker on plant-based proteins, one of the fastest-growing categories in the food space.

We’re talking about what it’s like to run a plant-based meat business, how the recipes come together, and the quick success of Before the Butcher and its arrival to grocery stores and restaurants across the country. You can find their product at Evel Pie on their new vegan pizza menu.

For more on Before the Butcher and where to find the product nears you, check out their website.