4 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Plant-Based Burgers

Lately, healthy lifestyles have been all the rage. This includes extreme and unique fitness regimens, only buying eco-friendly products, and eating plant-based diets. If you’re interested in completely changing your lifestyle, from stuffing your face with french fries three days a week to feeling the best you’ve ever felt, a plant-based diet is probably a good place for you to start.

If you hear the term plant based diet, you might be a little confused. You might be thinking to yourself, “How can man live off plants alone?” Well, this diet calls for much more than just celery and carrots 24/7. There are so many different plant options out there, and one of those options is a plant-based burger. If you find yourself intrigued by the idea of a plant-based burger, keep reading for reasons why they’re actually WAY better than your regular cheeseburger.

Plant Based Meat Substitutes Are Better For You

This one is probably an obvious reason why plant-based anything is better than something that has been processed, fried, and frozen. Plant-based burgers are simply better for you. They are packed full of nutrients, protein, and fiber, while lacking the saturated fats, hormones, and trans fat a regular burger is made of. They do a really good job of nourishing your body and can even prevent issues with your digestion. Did you know that regular meat can linger in your colon and cause serious stomach issues? If you want to avoid that fate, meat made from plants is for you.

You’re Saving the Earth

Anything you find that is plant-based, including plant based pork, plant meat chicken, and other meat made from plants, are actually really good for the planet. They are vegan, so you’re not killing animals, create 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than regular burgers, and use 75% less water. About 18% of greenhouse gas emissions are associated with livestock production, including 9% carbon dioxide, 37% methadone, and 65% nitrous dioxide. By switching from a regular burger to a plant-based burger, you’re not only helping your body, but you’re helping the environment.

You’re Not Increasing Your Chances of Cancer Development

You may not have known this, but the processed meet you have been eating for years actually increases your chances of developing cancer. In fact, processed meat actually increases the risk of a person developing colon cancer by 18%. Since these burgers are vegetarian, you’re about 40% less likely to develop any form of cancer just by eating them.

You’re Going to Actually Save Money

If the three reasons above weren’t enough to switch you over to the plant-based world, this one definitely will. Anything you eat that is plant based will cost you far less than anything lean, organic, or grass-fed. That means you can enjoy a massive portion of delicious, plant based meat substitutes for a fraction of the price of a single serving of beef. It’s a great way to save a few dollars and to protect your body.

So, now that you know why meat made from plants and other meat substitutes are great for you, are you going to try it out?

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