4 Plant-Based Meat Alternatives for Vegans

Health and environmental concerns have driven more people to seek out organic and vegan products. There are many plant-based alternatives now available, such as meat or chicken substitute made from soy, as well as foods made from seaweed. They all have different tastes, nutritional values, and health benefits. In this article, we’ll look at some alternatives you can use in your vegan recipes.




Tempeh is native to Indonesia and has been part of traditional food since the 10th century. In an old manuscript from ancient java, it was known as kadele. The word tempeh first appeared in the year 1815. Some believe it is a corruption of tumpi, which is a local dish made of rice flour. It could also refer to the process of fermentation, which is known as tapai in the local language.


Traditionally, it was made from whole soybeans, which are soaked then spread into a thin layer. To get tasty plant-based meat, the fermentation process has to take about 48 hours. The pH levels, oxygen, and temperature must be kept constant throughout production.


Tempeh contains a lot of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It has some beneficial bacteria, which are good for the stomach and facilitate digestion. You can fry or steam it for a delicious chicken substitute made from soy. It has great texture, and with the right seasoning, you can use it as a fish or beef replacement in your recipes.




Tofu has been one of the starter foods for those who have decided to consume only vegan-friendly meat products. If nutrition is what you are looking for in meat substitutes, you will get more iron and as much protein as beef.


Tofu contains all the essential amino acids and healthy amounts of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It is gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and is low in carbohydrates. There are different types of tofu, mainly distinguished by the water content. The less moisture in the final product, the more nutrients it will have.


Tofu has a thick and chunky quality, which makes it a great meat alternative. Even though its taste is bland on its own, it can still make for a lip-smacking chicken substitute made from soybeans if the right seasonings are used. It works well with sauces, spices, and various seasonings. You may barbecue tofu, use it in salad dressings, or make some delicious soup.




Seitan is often considered to be a “plant meat chicken” that offers a similar eating experience to real meat. Typically, it is made from wheat flour mixed with water before kneading it to create strands. After draining the liquid, all the starch is removed. The result is a pure gluten protein that tastes like mushroom or chicken. It can be made at home with seitan powder, or you can buy it from your local store.


Because most of the starch is washed away, seitan is low in carbohydrates. Nonetheless, it is quite nutritious. Other than protein, it contains significant amounts of selenium, phosphorus, calcium, and copper.


Seitan is one of the popular meat substitutes for good reason. It has a meaty texture that feels as chunky when you bite and chew. You can find many recipes, whether you prefer to grill, fry, or roast seitan. Add some seasoning, and you have a finger-licking meal made only from plant-based proteins.


Dulse Algae


Dulse or Palmaria Palmata is a type of algae that is becoming popular with vegans looking for nutritious meat substitutes. The seaweed not only contains important vitamins and nutrients, but it has all the trace elements the human body needs.


It has been used medicinally for many years in Iceland, Ireland, and Canada, among other places. However, in recent years vegans have realized that frying the seaweed gives it a unique taste. It can be a great substitute for bacon or pork.


In Conclusion


There are many plant-based meat alternatives you can find today. You can use flour or powders from your local supermarket to make mouthwatering and delicious dishes at home. Furthermore, if you have just started on a vegan diet and you are craving something that tastes like chicken, you can always get some chicken substitute made from soy — like the incredible products we offer. For more information on where to find Beyond the Butcher plant-based meat substitutes, please contact us today.

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