4 Reasons Why Plant-Based Meat Is Edging out Meat Consumption

plant based meat

Today, more people are steering away from eating animal-based meat and embracing plant-based meats. Plant-based meat is healthier and has more nutritional advantages. Studies have shown that people who substitute meat with plant-based foods, lower their mortality rate by 20% as compared to those who keep eating meat. Given the love for meat that Americans have, the idea of having plant based meat has been embraced by millions of Americans who would love to take less meat, but cannot fathom the idea of meatless food.

Although plant-based food is mostly loved by vegetarians, more non-vegetarians are starting to consume plant-based meat. Plant-based meat is made of plant-based proteins, extracted from soybeans, peas, rice, mung bean, cocoa butter, canola oil, and other plants rich in protein. Other ingredients such as salt, potassium chloride, vinegar, apple extract, and methylcellulose are also added to give the plant based meat a unique taste, similar to animal-based meat or even better.

You would think that meat made from plants is limited in flavor, but that is not the case. You can choose to have plant-based beef, plant-based chicken, or even plant-based pork. Nutritionists are working on ways to improve meat substitutes so that more people switch from eating meat. This is one of the reasons that has pushed the global growth of the meat-alternative market. It is expected to be worth around $5 billion before the year ends.

Here are more reasons why plant-based meat is replacing animal-based meat

1. More Money Is Being Channeled to Research New Ingredients

Major food companies such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are directing a substantial amount of money to find more ingredients that will improve plant-based meat. Meat producers all over the world are also investing big in plant-based alternatives to keep up with the demand for plant-based meat. Additionally, startup companies are accessing more venture capital funds to improve the manufacture of plant based meat. This trend indicates that research on plant-based meat is intensifying, and this will eventually improve the industry.

2. Big Names in the Food Industry Are Embracing Plant-Based Meat

Popular fast-food chains such as Burger King are now selling plant-based meat burgers. Fast-food chains are popular and well-liked in America. As such, having plant-based meat items in their menu means that more people are accepting the idea of replacing meat with plant-based meat. This accelerates the uptake of plant-based meat as more people realize it is a healthier option.

3. Plant-Based Meat Is Influencing Agriculture

In North America, most of the crops planted are utilized to feed animals. Consequently, we end up with more meat than plants, as the animals are slaughtered for meat. However, with the rise of the plant-based meat industry, more plants are now being utilized for food, as fewer animals are killed for food. This leads to more affordable food prices, and people can choose to consume plant-based meat other than animal-based meat. As plant-based meat becomes more popular, people will have more healthy food from crops grown and will also have a healthier meat-alternative in the form of plant-based meat.

4. A Workable Option for Most People

Most Americans want to reduce the amount of meat they eat but not to eliminate meat from their diets. The truth is that Americans love meat so much that it is hard for them to stop eating meat altogether. However, plant-based meat is becoming a tenable solution as it tastes like meat, and this makes it a tenable adjustment for people looking to stop consuming meat. In the long run, consumers of vegan friendly meat products end up liking the diet, which is a good thing as they enjoy more health benefits. Even better, they are not likely to go back to consuming meat.

Plant based meat is slowly but steadily replacing animal-based meat. This is a real plus to our health as we seek to eliminate diseases such as type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer, which can be caused by excessive meat consumption. Next time you are in your favorite restaurant request for plant-based meat, and you will not regret your decision.

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