5 Benefits of Plant Based Proteins

plant based proteins

Plant based proteins are becoming more and more popular among vegans and even those who are just looking for some meat substitutes for a few meals during the week. This could be due to overwhelming research showing the benefits of consuming plant based proteins over animal proteins. Benefits that are usually seen include a healthier world and also improved general body health. Research has shown that individuals who choose plant based proteins over animal proteins have a 20% reduced death rate. There are many benefits to eating these proteins, whether you are eating them permanently or just choosing to substitute some meals with them. Let’s explore some of these benefits below.

Better Digestion

Animal proteins can be incredibly hard for the body to digest. But you might not realize that meat could be behind your uncomfortable health symptoms. For example, gas and bloating could be blamed on the drink you had with dinner, but it might actually be related to the type of protein you ate. Constipation is another sign that your body could be having a hard time digesting meats. When your body doesn’t have to work as hard to break down protein, protein is able to be used by the body at a much quicker rate.

Allergy Friendliness

There is no way to guarantee that a protein will not cause an allergic reaction in some people, but it is safe to say that plant based proteins are less likely to produce these negative consequences. Plant based protein sources provide greater transparency, meaning that eaning more people who adopt plant based diets are able to make smarter decisions about what they eat and about where their food comes from. This allows for reduced allergic reactions and other food sensitivities.

Optimal PH Balance

Many people never think about how acidic their bodies are, but it’s an important thing to consider. Animal proteins typically cause an unusually acidic atmosphere within our bodies. When this happens, our PH can be impacted (and so can other systems within our bodies) . Proteins that we get from plants help neutralize the PH system within our bodies so that we can be more balanced. This will help us feel better and help ward off any potential sicknesses that may come our way.

Increased Satisfaction

If you’ve never replaced your chicken or beef with plant based meat alternatives, then you may be missing out. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with eating plant based proteins compared with eating animal proteins. Many people find that they are able to stay fulfilled for much longer after they consume plant proteins. This is due to how much fiber is contained in these proteins. The fiber takes longer to digest which means you will full longer and have less of a chance of snacking in between meals.

Reduced Additives

No one ever thinks of sitting down to chow down on a plate full of bacteria, but when you consume animal proteins, that could be exactly what you are eating. Added antibiotics and hormones in a lot of our meats means that our bodies are absorbing these things. Bacteria, such as salmonella, also contained in many meats. This bacteria can usually be killed by thoroughly cooking your meat; however, this doesn’t always guarantee you won’t get sick. Meat made from plants comes with reduced risks of hormones, antibiotics and bacteria.

Plant based proteins hold incredible benefits compared with other sources of protein. Proteins are necessary for our bodies to function, but that doesn’t mean that your protein needs to come solely from animals. Sometimes, small changes can lead to great things. If you are not ready to ditch animal proteins completely, then consider just switching your protein intake a few times a week to plant based rather than animal based. Making a small change now can lead to improved health later down the road.

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