How to Add More Pork Substitute Into Your Meals

pork substitute

It’s becoming common knowledge that commercial meat farming is harmful to the environment. Plant based meat is more widely available because more people are realizing that this is a much better choice for everyone. And with new improvements to flavoring and a new push for things like pork substitute, these veggie-based items taste better than ever. If you add more pork substitute and other plant-based meat alternatives to your diet, you’ll be doing something great to help the environment. And in a small way, you’ll be doing something to help everyone else in the world.

Why Choose Pork Substitute?

It’s been estimated that 18% of greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock production. That includes 9% carbon dioxide, 37% methadone, and 65% nitrous oxide. All of these emissions are harmful to the environment and all are capable of adding to the ongoing threat of global warming. Major scientific groups and the scientific community as a whole, including NASA, agrees that global warming is a serious threat to all of humankind. By adding more pork substitute to your diet, you can do your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and truly improve the planet.

You don’t have to be vegetarian or began to eat pork substitute and do something good for the rest of the world. These days, meat alternatives like pork substitute have an improved texture and flavor that makes it taste and feel more like the real thing than ever. Even dedicated meat easers can hardly tell the difference between the real thing and well-done pork substitute. It’s all about the preparation of the fake meat and what it’s served with.

Vegan friendly meat products are becoming much easier to find, even in ordinary grocery stores. Consumers no longer have to go to specialty food shops to find pork substitute options that help the rest of the world. Meat made from plants is more accessible than ever and more affordable than ever, so there’s no reason not to give this a try and find out how saving the world actually feels.

How to Eat More Pork Substitute

How can you add more pork substitute to your meals? Start using pork substitute in place of real meat. For example, use it for a pork chop dinner and serve it with your favorite sides. You can make fried pork with pork substitute, too. All you have to do is bread your pork substitute the way you would real meat and simply fry it up in a pan or deep fryer.

Try chopping up pork substitute and mixing into vegetables and rice to create a healthy, tasty meal that’s packed with protein and nutrients your body needs. Shred your pork substitute to make bar-be-que, tacos, or any other type of dish you want. This is a great protein with a great flavor, and eating it means you’re doing something great for the rest of the world. Experiment with different ways to eat pork substitute, and start doing something every week to truly save the planet.

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