Start Eating a Plant Based Diet by Cooking Tasty Meals Using Plant Based Chicken

By 2020, the global meat-alternative market has been projected to reach a $5.2 billion net worth. Plant-based meats have been around for some time. However, they have recently seen significant growth since 2019. Where is the increase coming from? Mostly it’s coming from a much larger consumption of chicken. While beef production has stayed steady in the U.S., chicken production has seen a massive increase over five-fold. The reason why chicken is being eaten more is due to the perceived health benefits when compared to pork and beef. It is a healthier lean form of protein that is often eaten as an alternative to red meats.

So, which came first the plant-based chicken or the egg substitute? Humor aside, for many years people have been thrilled to turn to healthier alternatives of protein. Egg substitute replaced scrambled eggs, and now chicken substitutes are replacing chicken. There are delicious plant based meats available including plant based chicken that are making meals just as tasty while giving you the opportunity to make wise food choices for you and your family.

Over 40% of Americans Have Tried Plant Based Meat

Plant-based meat alternatives are finally getting their moment with plant based chicken quickly on the rise when it comes to replacing chicken in meals. Meat made from plants has been revolutionized so they hit the chicken sweet spot when it comes to taste, texture, and even visually. Plant based chicken is available to replace meat with healthy nutrients without sacrificing flavor. It’s easy to cook, can be used in all of your favorite recipes, and will make you happy knowing you’re serving a delicious meal to your family and friends.

What Exactly Is Chicken That Has Been Created Using Plants?

Plant based chicken is otherwise known as a chicken substitute that has been made using plant proteins. One of the main ingredients is soy. It’s actually quite flavorful, looks like chicken, smells like chicken, and feels like chicken when you bite it. It’s the plant based chicken substitute made from soy that’s ready to take center stage for dinner tonight. When you goal is to eat better, then eating plant based chicken that has been crafted to be just like the protein itself is the right choice.

Many People Eat a Plant Based Diet for Health Reasons

Many people eat a plant-based diet because they are concerned about their health. Eating red meat has been linked to health problems such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Processed meats are actually dangerous to your health. When you make the switch to plant-based meats you are essentially cutting down on your consumption of meat and improving your health too.

The Plant Based Meat Industry Can Help with World Hunger

The industry for plant-based meat has the ability to help with the global long-term food insecurity. Nearly 815 million people around the world suffer from being undernourished and 2 billion more people could join the ranks of the undernourished by 2050, per the United Nations. Climate changes have diminished the amount of agricultural output globally. Positive changes can be made by turning to more plant-based products as dietary choices instead of investing in more meat production.

Add Plant-Based Chicken to Your Diet

Eating plant-based chicken is more than just a trend. It’s a positive choice that allows you to cook meals that taste delicious without harming the environment while improving your health. Such an amazing product is a tasty, guilt-free addition to grocery lists, kitchens, recipes, and meals across America.

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