Vegan Meat Substitutes Add a Little Wow To Tuesday Taco Night

vegan meat substitutes

Healthy eating just got a little easier with great tasting vegan meat substitutes. Plant-based meat alternatives are finally making it into the mainstream thanks to improvements in texture and taste. Making healthier meals is now possible for the entire family.

According to recent studies around 40% of consumers state that they try to incorporate more vegan options into their meal planning. Most people are making the choice to include vegan meat substitutes in their meals to improve their diet.

The Recipes are Endless

Even those die-hard meat and potato folks are willing to admit that plant based beef products when cooked right taste great. Plant base chicken, plant based beef and plant meat pork can all be substituted in any recipe that calls for the animal version.

Plant-based meat alternatives are a healthier option and taste amazing. Why would you not look to the healthier option to feed the people you love? There is an endless amount of recipes that are available that makes it easy to incorporate this great healthy option into all your meals.

Simple Substitutions

Your cooking expertise level does not even come into play when you are trying to incorporate vegan meat substitutes into your menus. For example, instead of using ground pork, chicken, or beef on Tuesday Taco night, use meat made from plants.

The cooking process is the same, and the taste is simply wonderful. The whole family will dig right in. If you want to leave out the fact that the kids are eating tacos that are good for them, go ahead, we won’t tell.

After using plant-based meat substitutes for a while, you will never want to go back to the other stuff. You will feel better about what you are feeding your family, and you will lose the taste for animal-based meats.

Join the Foodie Revolution

Eating animal-based products we now know is not necessary. All the protein you need can come right from plants. There is a foodie revolution happening right now that you can join by trying the new great tasting vegan meat substitutes that are available at your grocer.

Eat healthier, feel better, and sacrifice not an ounce of taste and enjoyment. Make it a weekly thing by replacing just one meal a week with meat substitutes, you will be a fan before you know it.

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