Why Should You Try Pork Substitute?

pork substitute

Opting for meatless alternatives is a better choice for your health and for the environment. You might be surprised to learn how much better meat substitutes are for you and now good plant based meat can actually taste. Give pork substitute a try and you may never go back to the real thing again.


What Does Plant Based Pork Taste Like?


Meat made from plants has gotten a bad reputation over the years, and there’s some reason for that. In the past,vegan friendly meat products and vegetarian meat substitutes weren’t always so tasty. The texture was weird, the flavor was off and frankly, a lot of it was hard to cook with.


However, meatless alternatives have improved by leaps and bounds more recently. Modern plant based meat options are much more delicious and have a texture that’s a really close approximation of actual meat. Beef substitute has gotten so good, it’s actually being offered in major fast food and restaurant chains all around the country. Newer pork substitute options are no different.


Pork substitute is made to taste very much like the real thing and it’s available in all sorts of options that are easy to cook and delightful to eat. You can find pork substitute that looks and taste like real sausage, real bacon, real pork chops, and pork tenderloin. If there’s a meat version of it, you can find it in a plant based version. Today’s plant based pork even has the juiciness of real pork. You can cook it the same way you would cook real pork.


It’s much better for you to reduce the real meat you eat and replace it with meat made from plants instead. Eating pork substitute can actually improve your health.


How Pork Substitute Can Improve Your Health


Simply by reducing the amount of meat they eat between 2016 and 2050, human beings can reduce overall health care and climate change costs by as much as $31 trillion. That’s astronomical.


Meat substitutes have fewer calories, less fat, and less cholesterol than real meats. They aren’t greasy or oily like the real thing. That means that pork substitute is far healthier and better for you than actual meat. In fact, scientific research has shown that people who live a vegetarian lifestyle actually live for years longer than those who don’t!


Pork substitute and other meatless options are actually better for the environment as well. The meat industry pumps lots of carbon emissions into the air through all stages o the process. That includes the farms where meat animals are raised, farms which are often overcrowded and inhuman to animals. It includes the trucks and transport used to transport animals and meat to various locations. It includes the slaughterhouses where animals are killed and the meatpacking plants where they are processed and turned into the foods we buy from the grocery store.


You can do a lot of good both for yourself and for the environment with pork substitutes and other plant based options. So what are you waiting for? Start eating less meat and start choosing pork substitute instead.

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