With a Good Chicken Substitute, You Can’t Taste the Difference

chicken substitute

Plant-based alternative foods, otherwise known as meatless options, have improved by leaps and bounds recently. Everyone is talking about the “impossible” beef substitute that has an incredible texture and delicious taste. Now, it’s time to find out what today’s chicken substitute tastes like. There are lots of reasons why you should incorporate more meatless and vegan options into your diet. And after you taste a chicken substitute, you really won’t need a lot of convincing!


What Does Chicken Substitute Taste Like?


There’s been a lot of talk about the meat industry lately, as more people are beginning to realize some of the brutal and inhumane practices that go on. Many animals are still raised in horrific conditions in order to produce meat, and more people are paying attention to chicken farms that cram animals into small spaces in dirty, overcrowded conditions.


Nearly eight billion chickens are killed every year to provide food. Chicken is actually eaten more often than beef, making it the most popular meat in the U.S. Many chickens live in chronic pain because they are grown quickly and raised in extremely overcrowded conditions. They are often pumped full of antibiotics, which contributes to the problem of humans contracting antibiotic-resistant diseases. Eating meat is literally damaging to your health and your immune system.


The new chicken substitute is changing the game. This meatless, plant-based alternative has the taste and texture of real chicken. It even has the juiciness of chicken. You can find a chicken substitute in any type of chicken you might be craving, from nuggets to delicious chicken breasts that can be roasted in the oven to pieces that can be breaded and fried.


Here’s what’s best of all: you don’t have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to eat chicken substitute and start eating plant-based foods instead of meat. There are a lot of reasons why this is better for your health. Meat substitutes have fewer calories and less fat than real meat. Heck, they’re even better for the environment!


What Are the Benefits fo Pant Based Chicken?


When you choose a chicken substitute or other plant-based meat alternatives, you’re doing more for your health. Eating more plants is better for you on the whole. Meatless options have less fat, less cholesterol, and fewer calories than real meat. You’re also doing something good for everyone else on the planet.


It’s estimated that 18% of greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock production and related industries. That includes % carbon dioxide. 65% nitrous dioxide, and 37% methadone. The less meat you eat, the fewer emissions are being pumped into the atmosphere and the less damage you’re causing to the rest of the planet. That’s the power of chicken substitute. It may actually help save the world!


Eating more plants is simply better for your body. It’s better for all the animals that will not have to be born and raised in horrific conditions. It’s better for the planet and therefore, better for everyone who lives on it. That’s not bad, considering that chicken substitute is delicious to eat, too! You can cook the chicken substitute the same way you’d cook regular chicken, using all the same spices and preparation methods. You won’t even know the difference until you start feeling better and looking better because of it. Switch to chicken substitute for a few months and you will see and feel the results of your new diet.

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