Start Eating a Plant Based Diet by Cooking Tasty Meals Using Plant Based Chicken

By 2020, the global meat-alternative market has been projected to reach a $5.2 billion net worth. Plant-based meats have been around for some time. However, they have recently seen significant growth since 2019. Where is the increase coming from? Mostly it’s coming from a much larger consumption of chicken. While beef production has stayed steady in the U.S., chicken production has seen a massive increase over five-fold. The reason why chicken is being eaten more is due to the perceived health benefits when compared to pork and beef. It is a healthier lean form of protein that is often eaten as an alternative to red meats.

So, which came first the plant-based chicken or the egg substitute? Humor aside, for many years people have been thrilled to turn to healthier alternatives of protein. Egg substitute replaced scrambled eggs, and now chicken substitutes are replacing chicken. There are delicious plant based meats available including plant based chicken that are making meals just as tasty while giving you the opportunity to make wise food choices for you and your family.

Over 40% of Americans Have Tried Plant Based Meat

Plant-based meat alternatives are finally getting their moment with plant based chicken quickly on the rise when it comes to replacing chicken in meals. Meat made from plants has been revolutionized so they hit the chicken sweet spot when it comes to taste, texture, and even visually. Plant based chicken is available to replace meat with healthy nutrients without sacrificing flavor. It’s easy to cook, can be used in all of your favorite recipes, and will make you happy knowing you’re serving a delicious meal to your family and friends.

What Exactly Is Chicken That Has Been Created Using Plants?

Plant based chicken is otherwise known as a chicken substitute that has been made using plant proteins. One of the main ingredients is soy. It’s actually quite flavorful, looks like chicken, smells like chicken, and feels like chicken when you bite it. It’s the plant based chicken substitute made from soy that’s ready to take center stage for dinner tonight. When you goal is to eat better, then eating plant based chicken that has been crafted to be just like the protein itself is the right choice.

Many People Eat a Plant Based Diet for Health Reasons

Many people eat a plant-based diet because they are concerned about their health. Eating red meat has been linked to health problems such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Processed meats are actually dangerous to your health. When you make the switch to plant-based meats you are essentially cutting down on your consumption of meat and improving your health too.

The Plant Based Meat Industry Can Help with World Hunger

The industry for plant-based meat has the ability to help with the global long-term food insecurity. Nearly 815 million people around the world suffer from being undernourished and 2 billion more people could join the ranks of the undernourished by 2050, per the United Nations. Climate changes have diminished the amount of agricultural output globally. Positive changes can be made by turning to more plant-based products as dietary choices instead of investing in more meat production.

Add Plant-Based Chicken to Your Diet

Eating plant-based chicken is more than just a trend. It’s a positive choice that allows you to cook meals that taste delicious without harming the environment while improving your health. Such an amazing product is a tasty, guilt-free addition to grocery lists, kitchens, recipes, and meals across America.

A Guide On Plant-Based Proteins

plant based proteins

If you have adopted a plant based diet, you may wonder how to get all the protein that you need. As a vegan, these plant based meat alternatives will help you get the protein your body requires. Plant based beef substitutes have become competitive with animal-based meat products, replacing them based on improved taste, cost, and accessibility. In the years between 2016 and 2050, experts project that reduced meat consumption could lower health care and climate change costs by $31 trillion.

How Much Protein Do You Need

The Academy of Nutrition and dietetics points out that vegan meals can provide all the required nutritional needs for optimal health. The Harvard Health Publishing recommends a daily intake of 0.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight. You can measure this by multiplying your weight in pounds (lbs.) by 0.36. Besides, you can think of your protein intake as 10-35% of your daily calorie use.

Experts advise vegetarians to take a mixture of different plant based vegan foods to meet the required nutritional needs for proteins. It is possible to source for all the protein you need from plant based proteins such as soy and quinoa, which can supply all the nine essential amino acids you require from your diet.

How To Incorporate Plant Based Proteins in Your Diet

Now that you have learned the amount of protein you need in your vegan diet, how do you go about it? Here are some creative ways to get the much-needed proteins from your diet.

1. Get That Plant Based Beef Burger

Consumers nowadays are looking for more than just a slaughter-free meat option. The meat substitutes should maintain the taste and the texture as much as possible. Before the Butcher has a plant based meat patty that encompasses the flavor and juiciness of a regular burger. It allows you to source the proteins you need while still enjoying that rich flavor.

2. Roast The Pork Chops

There is no better way of bringing out the flavor of your plant based meat than roasting them over an oven. Bring out your pork strips, place them under a foil with a variety of vegetables such as bell peppers, cauliflowers, and broccoli. Enjoy the sweet flavors of plant based pork as a delicious dinner option for your family.

3. Make A Tasty Chicken Sauce

One way to increase your plant based protein intake is to utilize the option of healthy sauces in your meals. You can make a vegetarian chopped salad with Uncut plant based chicken strips mixed with the veggies. Make the chicken substitute patties extra delicious with a dash of home-made dressing.

4. Spruce Up Your Daily Meals

The next time you have a craving for meat, think of creative ways to incorporate plant-based proteins to make the food more healthy and filling. There are many recipes available online for plant based products, from vegan meatballs, plant based pies, sausage rolls, and even meatless pizzas. Get a little more creative and make a healthier and tastier meal for your family.

Plant based proteins are a quality addition to your diet. However, to ensure you meet amino acid requirements on a vegan diet, you need to incorporate a variety of plant based protein sources. Be creative within your kitchen to make healthier and tastier meals for all to enjoy.

6 Reasons to Ditch the Bacon for Better Vegan Pork Alternatives

Every year more and more Americans are making the switch to plant-based diets. With an impending nationwide pork shortage, consumers are turning towards plant-based meats as a source for protein. Recent research shows approximately 40% of meat consumers cut down their red meat intake for healthier vegan diets. If you feel compelled to join the ‘meatless’ revolution-be it for health purposes, global climatic change or ethics-here are some six fantastic reasons to do so:

1. A Healthier Lifestyle

Researchers continue to implicate red meat consumption to a host of health complications. Pork has high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat, which scientists link to conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, type-2 diabetes, and some cancers. Changing to plant-based meat alternatives reduces your risk of developing these health complications. Randomized clinical tries show that vegan pork substitutes have little to nil levels of LDL cholesterol and saturated fats.

2. Better Taste

Innovations within the plant-based meat industry support the discovery of flavonoids that give the vegan meats the familiar bite and chew feeling. Plant meat pork makers, for example, Before the Butcher, offer attractive meat alternatives that mimic the texture and juiciness in pork. The ‘meat-like’ options enable consumers who want to join the vegan revolution to have a smoother transition. Vegan pork can imitate the taste and experience of the meat as closely as possible.

3. Variety

Plant-based meat manufacturers use different plant produce to replace red meats. Some of the commonly used pork alternatives include:

  • Tofu.
  • Tempeh.
  • Jackfruit.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Texturized soy protein.

The vegetarian substitutes adapt well to any flavor, making them applicable to any ‘meatless’ dish you want to prepare.

4. Pigs Are Sentient Beings

Pigs display a wide range of complex emotions, just like most intelligent animals. Scientists from Newcastle University found that pigs can feel optimistic or pessimistic according to how you treat them. It is sad to note that most pigs undergo some type of animal cruelty practices in pursuit of profits. 97% of all pigs reared in the U.S. come from factory farms. You can no longer turn a blind eye towards the questionable animal agricultural practices within these farms. Ditch the bacon and stand for better animal welfare.

5. You Get More than Vegan Sausage Rolls

There is no limit to the food recipes you can create from vegan pork alternatives. The plant-based meat comes packed as ground crumbles or cubed chunks that can prepare a variety of dishes that you may prefer. From barbecue pulled pork rolls to plant-based pork shreds, your options are limitless. Bring out your creativity today and make a delicious vegan meal for your family.

6. Sustainability

Vegan-friendly meat products reduce the overreliance on red meat as a source of protein. A 2010 report by the UN encourages a global shift from animal products, due to their climatic effects during production. Production of animal-based foods has higher gas emissions and carbon footprint than their plant counterparts. Support the global outcry for climatic change by switching to less-polluting vegan diets.


Meat made from plants offers exciting alternatives to animal products. Vegan pork will give you the same hearty bite and chew you expect from animal bacon and sausages. Take the plunge into the ‘meatless’ revolution and buy the UNCUT plant-based pork shreds today. Visit Before the Butcher today and enjoy a world of meatless pork.

Vegans Are On The Rise: Here’s Why You Should Consider Vegan Meals, Too

Historically, vegan meat substitutes have not been a lot to get excited about. However, all that has changed. Plant meat beef, plant-based chicken, and plant-based pork now tastes better, looks better, and has a better texture than ever before. Thanks to dedicated research, meat substitutes from the right source no longer taste like you are “substituting” or sacrificing taste for the sake of good health. In today’s world, these vegan meat substitutes may even taste better than the real thing.

More people than ever are identifying as vegans or following a vegan diet. As a matter of fact, there has been roughly a 600% increase in those who identify vegans. In large part, that increase is due to better vegan options.

Why Should You Try Being Vegan?

Vegan meat substitutes have come a long way. Even dedicated meat-eaters have trouble telling meat substitutes from the real thing. Taste, of course, is not the only reason you should try a vegan meal at least a couple of times a week. There are well-documented health benefits as well.

Cutting meat out of your diet can deliver healthy heart benefits and more. There is a lot of research out there that shows a plant-based diet can help with everything from digestive issues to controlling high blood pressure. Even switching out a meat-laden meal a couple of times a week for a plant-based alternative can do wonders for your physical health overall.

Living Your Best Life

Thanks to new advances in plant-based beef products, you can get all the health benefits and live your commitment to a clean living without sacrificing taste. These new plant-based meat alternatives can tantalize your taste buds and make being vegan (at least for a few days a week) easy.

You do not have to settle for “meat” options that do not get you excited. You just need to know where to get the right vegan meat substitutes. Why would you settle for so-so options when you can really wake up those taste buds and enjoy meals that are tasty and full of flavor?

Whether you are committed to eliminating meat from your diet entirely or you just want to take a break from eating meat, there is a great new vegan meat substitute that is available in a wide range of options that will help you stay committed. Learn more about the vegan meat substitute that is helping people get healthy and stay healthy without feeling like they are missing out.

Why You Need To Try Out Meat Made From Plants

meat made from plants

The plant-based diet trend continues to grow every single day. Consumers are turning to foods rich in vegetables, legumes, and nuts while reducing meat intake.

Apart from health reasons, the global concern for climate change and animal welfare is also driving the change within the food industry. As a result, approximately 40 % of consumers try to include vegan foods into their daily meals.

A recent Market survey by Euromonitor International shows 24% of global consumers have cut down on their meat intake, fueling the uptake of meat substitutes. The meat substitute global sales rose to $19.5 billion in 2018. Plant-based pork, beef, and chicken substitutes are taking center stage in the ‘meatless’ revolution.

Food Industry Revolution

Plant-based diets are not a new phenomenon, with foods such as Tofu having existed for centuries. However, recent advancements in technology have led to the production of a new generation of plant meat. The meat made from plants now mimics the taste and experience of animal-based meat.

Food companies can recreate the texture and juiciness present in ordinary beef without slaughtering the cow. This technology appeals to meat-eaters who want to cut down on their red meat consumption. Soy, legumes, nuts, and whole grains can now be converted to ‘meat-like’ options such as bugger patties, nuggets, and sausages.

A Wide Variety of Vegan Beef Options Are Now Available

Plant meat beef is now more than just a burger. Companies such as Before the Butcher are offering meat alternatives on a broader scale. You can now enjoy a delicacy of plant-based chicken chunks, ground and crumbles, and even pork shreds for your dinner.

More eateries such as Burger King are adopting the new entrants as they try to appeal to more vegans and vegetarians. Restaurants, too, have picked up the pace with versatile meatless-based recipes for animal lovers.

A Healthy Diet

Well-documented research studies point to the dangers of consuming red meat. Diets rich in processed meats have been linked to obesity, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers. Long term studies on replacing meat with nuts, legumes, and other plant-based proteins show a reduced risk of contracting some of these chronic diseases.

Adopting meat made from plants in your diet may offer positive effects will less exposure to Cholesterol. Randomized trials show that plant-based meat alternatives have low to nil levels of LDL cholesterol, found in high quantities in red meat. A plant burger patty also has lower concentrations of saturated fats compared to meat products.

Environmental Impact

Different foods have different impacts on the environment, just like on human health. Scientists have inextricably linked the current food patterns to global sustainability in the future. Production of animal-based food tends to leave higher carbon footprints than plant-based products. Plant meat beef uses less water and land resources to produce than animal beef. You also contribute to better animal welfare as animals don’t have to undergo harm for you to enjoy your burger. You can help save the planet by turning to healthier foods with less carbon footprint.

In Conclusion

Plant-based diets are here to stay. Meat made from plants offers an attractive alternative to animal beef and pork to a large number of consumers that want to cut their meat consumption. Join the meatless revolution today and order a burger from Before The Butcher!

Why Should You Try Pork Substitute?

pork substitute

Opting for meatless alternatives is a better choice for your health and for the environment. You might be surprised to learn how much better meat substitutes are for you and now good plant based meat can actually taste. Give pork substitute a try and you may never go back to the real thing again.


What Does Plant Based Pork Taste Like?


Meat made from plants has gotten a bad reputation over the years, and there’s some reason for that. In the past,vegan friendly meat products and vegetarian meat substitutes weren’t always so tasty. The texture was weird, the flavor was off and frankly, a lot of it was hard to cook with.


However, meatless alternatives have improved by leaps and bounds more recently. Modern plant based meat options are much more delicious and have a texture that’s a really close approximation of actual meat. Beef substitute has gotten so good, it’s actually being offered in major fast food and restaurant chains all around the country. Newer pork substitute options are no different.


Pork substitute is made to taste very much like the real thing and it’s available in all sorts of options that are easy to cook and delightful to eat. You can find pork substitute that looks and taste like real sausage, real bacon, real pork chops, and pork tenderloin. If there’s a meat version of it, you can find it in a plant based version. Today’s plant based pork even has the juiciness of real pork. You can cook it the same way you would cook real pork.


It’s much better for you to reduce the real meat you eat and replace it with meat made from plants instead. Eating pork substitute can actually improve your health.


How Pork Substitute Can Improve Your Health


Simply by reducing the amount of meat they eat between 2016 and 2050, human beings can reduce overall health care and climate change costs by as much as $31 trillion. That’s astronomical.


Meat substitutes have fewer calories, less fat, and less cholesterol than real meats. They aren’t greasy or oily like the real thing. That means that pork substitute is far healthier and better for you than actual meat. In fact, scientific research has shown that people who live a vegetarian lifestyle actually live for years longer than those who don’t!


Pork substitute and other meatless options are actually better for the environment as well. The meat industry pumps lots of carbon emissions into the air through all stages o the process. That includes the farms where meat animals are raised, farms which are often overcrowded and inhuman to animals. It includes the trucks and transport used to transport animals and meat to various locations. It includes the slaughterhouses where animals are killed and the meatpacking plants where they are processed and turned into the foods we buy from the grocery store.


You can do a lot of good both for yourself and for the environment with pork substitutes and other plant based options. So what are you waiting for? Start eating less meat and start choosing pork substitute instead.

Eating Vegan Made Easy


For both the committed vegan and the person who wants to lighten the load of meat that they are consuming, plant-based meat alternatives are an excellent addition to any meal.

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4 Reasons Why Plant-Based Meat Is Edging out Meat Consumption

plant based meat

Today, more people are steering away from eating animal-based meat and embracing plant-based meats. Plant-based meat is healthier and has more nutritional advantages. Studies have shown that people who substitute meat with plant-based foods, lower their mortality rate by 20% as compared to those who keep eating meat. Given the love for meat that Americans have, the idea of having plant based meat has been embraced by millions of Americans who would love to take less meat, but cannot fathom the idea of meatless food.

Although plant-based food is mostly loved by vegetarians, more non-vegetarians are starting to consume plant-based meat. Plant-based meat is made of plant-based proteins, extracted from soybeans, peas, rice, mung bean, cocoa butter, canola oil, and other plants rich in protein. Other ingredients such as salt, potassium chloride, vinegar, apple extract, and methylcellulose are also added to give the plant based meat a unique taste, similar to animal-based meat or even better.

You would think that meat made from plants is limited in flavor, but that is not the case. You can choose to have plant-based beef, plant-based chicken, or even plant-based pork. Nutritionists are working on ways to improve meat substitutes so that more people switch from eating meat. This is one of the reasons that has pushed the global growth of the meat-alternative market. It is expected to be worth around $5 billion before the year ends.

Here are more reasons why plant-based meat is replacing animal-based meat

1. More Money Is Being Channeled to Research New Ingredients

Major food companies such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are directing a substantial amount of money to find more ingredients that will improve plant-based meat. Meat producers all over the world are also investing big in plant-based alternatives to keep up with the demand for plant-based meat. Additionally, startup companies are accessing more venture capital funds to improve the manufacture of plant based meat. This trend indicates that research on plant-based meat is intensifying, and this will eventually improve the industry.

2. Big Names in the Food Industry Are Embracing Plant-Based Meat

Popular fast-food chains such as Burger King are now selling plant-based meat burgers. Fast-food chains are popular and well-liked in America. As such, having plant-based meat items in their menu means that more people are accepting the idea of replacing meat with plant-based meat. This accelerates the uptake of plant-based meat as more people realize it is a healthier option.

3. Plant-Based Meat Is Influencing Agriculture

In North America, most of the crops planted are utilized to feed animals. Consequently, we end up with more meat than plants, as the animals are slaughtered for meat. However, with the rise of the plant-based meat industry, more plants are now being utilized for food, as fewer animals are killed for food. This leads to more affordable food prices, and people can choose to consume plant-based meat other than animal-based meat. As plant-based meat becomes more popular, people will have more healthy food from crops grown and will also have a healthier meat-alternative in the form of plant-based meat.

4. A Workable Option for Most People

Most Americans want to reduce the amount of meat they eat but not to eliminate meat from their diets. The truth is that Americans love meat so much that it is hard for them to stop eating meat altogether. However, plant-based meat is becoming a tenable solution as it tastes like meat, and this makes it a tenable adjustment for people looking to stop consuming meat. In the long run, consumers of vegan friendly meat products end up liking the diet, which is a good thing as they enjoy more health benefits. Even better, they are not likely to go back to consuming meat.

Plant based meat is slowly but steadily replacing animal-based meat. This is a real plus to our health as we seek to eliminate diseases such as type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer, which can be caused by excessive meat consumption. Next time you are in your favorite restaurant request for plant-based meat, and you will not regret your decision.

Sick and Tired of Being Sick? Eat Less Meat

meat substitutes

Nearly 33% of the population in the United States, or one hundred million people, have stated that they are consuming more vegan foods. Does the sound of eating meatless meals and more vegan foods sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. Tasty meat substitutes benefit your overall well-being so you can become healthier. Serve less meat to your family and choose healthy meat substitutes instead.

Stop Eating Meat for Your Health

A diet that is plant-based, or vegan, is healthier. This type of diet focuses on eating vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, nuts, vegan meat substitutes, and legumes. Foods that are rich in vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients are the best way to keep you and your family healthy. People who choose not to eat meat, generally consume less fat and fewer calories. They tend to weigh less and have a much lower risk of heart disease too.

The health factor of eating meat substitutes has many benefits. Even if you just reduce your meat intake, there is a protective effect. Processed and red meats put you at higher risk of death from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. What you do and don’t eat can literally harm your health. Introduce meatless substitutes to your taste buds, you won’t be disappointed.

What Is Meatless Meat?

Meatless meat consists of meat made from plants. Being able to eat completely vegan-friendly meat products is revolutionizing the American diet. Don’t worry, there are choices for even the pickiest eaters including plant-based burgers with patties that are so delicious and satisfying you won’t miss the beef. Choose from a plethora of plant based proteins including savory plant based chicken burgers, plant-based breakfast sausage, and plant-based roasted turkey burgers to name a few. There are yummy choices that are sure to satisfy any palate.

Will You Get Enough Protein Eating Meatless Substitutes?

Did you know that most people in the United States do not get the amount of protein they need in their diets? The average person needs 50 grams of protein every day based on a diet of 2,000 calories. How much protein you need to consume will vary depending on your medical conditions, body size, and activity level. Most adults require approximately 5 ½ ounces of protein per day. It is important to understand that protein is not about just eating meat.

The beauty of eating a plant-based diet means you have many choices when it comes to eating proteins. Soy products, peas, beans, seeds, and unsalted nuts are a few of those choices. The point is to choose proteins lower in solid fats versus proteins that are higher in solid fats. Solid fats are in foods such as cheese, high-fat dairy products, eggs, meat, and poultry. Foods in lower solid fats include oils, seafood, seeds, and nuts.

Plan to Eat More Meatless Meals

Start planning to eat healthier with meatless meals once a week and increase meatless meals over time. There are plenty of healthy protein options available to assist you in serving tasty dishes that keep you from missing meat altogether. Feature favorite entrees that are generally meatless like soup, lasagna or pasta salads. Substitute meats with vegan-friendly options such as plant-based tips and chunks. You are assured hearty meals with plant-based beef tips and plant-based chicken chunks perfect in salads, with pasta and vegetables, of course. Fix stir-fries, burritos and more with savory bites of meatless protein without all of the negative consequences.

There Are Meat Substitutes for Every Dish

There are vegan meat substitutes for every dish you can imagine. Choose from plant-based crumbles and grounds to create amazing tacos, pizza, meatballs, stuffed cabbage, meatloaf or stuffed mushrooms. Say hello to a healthier you using plant-based pork shreds that are perfect when it comes to serving BBQ dishes that are packed full of flavor. Every bite, chew or pull will be a delight. Eat the good stuff in order to look and feel better.

5 Benefits of Plant Based Proteins

plant based proteins

Plant based proteins are becoming more and more popular among vegans and even those who are just looking for some meat substitutes for a few meals during the week. This could be due to overwhelming research showing the benefits of consuming plant based proteins over animal proteins

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