Eating Vegan Made Easy


For both the committed vegan and the person who wants to lighten the load of meat that they are consuming, plant-based meat alternatives are an excellent addition to any meal.

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4 Reasons Why Plant-Based Meat Is Edging out Meat Consumption

plant based meat

Today, more people are steering away from eating animal-based meat and embracing plant-based meats. Plant-based meat is healthier and has more nutritional advantages. Studies have shown that people who substitute meat with plant-based foods, lower their mortality rate by 20% as compared to those who keep eating meat. Given the love for meat that Americans […]

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Sick and Tired of Being Sick? Eat Less Meat

meat substitutes

Nearly 33% of the population in the United States, or one hundred million people, have stated that they are consuming more vegan foods. Does the sound of eating meatless meals and more vegan foods sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. Tasty meat substitutes benefit your overall well-being so you can become healthier. Serve less […]

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5 Benefits of Plant Based Proteins

plant based proteins

Plant based proteins are becoming more and more popular among vegans and even those who are just looking for some meat substitutes for a few meals during the week. This could be due to overwhelming research showing the benefits of consuming plant based proteins over animal proteins

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Vegan Meat Substitutes Add a Little Wow To Tuesday Taco Night

vegan meat substitutes

Healthy eating just got a little easier with great tasting vegan meat substitutes. Plant-based meat alternatives are finally making it into the mainstream thanks to improvements in texture and taste. Making healthier meals is now possible for the entire family. According to recent studies around 40% of consumers state that they try to incorporate more […]

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Plant Based Chicken For Dinner Tonight

plant based chicken

Try high-quality plant based chicken tonight in your favorite chicken recipe and the taste will speak for itself. Do something good for the planet, for your body, and for the animals by dropping meat from at least one meal a week.

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Vegan Friendly Meat Products Can Change the Way You Eat

vegan friendly meat products

A lot of people are making the choice to include more vegan dishes in their meal planning. Vegan-friendly meat products make it easy to enjoy meat-free meals without sacrificing taste. Plant-based meat alternatives are a great way to expand your family’s palette to include vegan meals. Vegan foods are making it to about 40% of […]

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