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Danny O’Malley is the president and founder of Before the Butcher, home of Uncut plant protein. He has been in the food industry for 30 years, working for Sysco Food Service and then Beyond Meat, before starting his own plant-based protein company two and a half years ago.


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Before the Butcher is tripling retail distribution of its UNCUT plant-based burger and sausage products with rollouts in more than 320 Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions locations this month to be followed by Mariano’s, Pic ‘n Save, Metro Markets and Copps stores shortly after the new year. The expansion follows the October retail debut of the UNCUT lineup in Ralphs Grocery, Lucky’s Market and Whole Foods Market in Long Beach.


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Before the Butcher announces it is tripling retail distribution of its UNCUT plant-based burger and sausage products with rollouts in more than 320 Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions locations this month to be followed by Mariano’s, Pic ‘n Save, Metro Markets and Copps stores in early 2020.


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Andy Coyne looks at significant transactions and emerging themes in merger, acquisition and investment activity in the global food sector during 2019.


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After debuting with its plant-based UNCUT beef burgers and breakfast sausage patty, Before the Butcher, Irvine, Calif., was back this summer with two new poultry items: an UNCUT Savory Chicken Burger and an UNCUT Roasted Turkey Burger.

“The variety of plant-based products we offer separates the UNCUT line from all other meat alternative options,” says Danny O’Malley, founder and self-proclaimed “Presi-plant” of Before the Butcher. “Our new chicken and turkey burger products provide delicious variations to the market, which has seen limited product choices despite explosive consumer demand and growth.”

As with all UNCUT products, O’Malley says the turkey and chicken burgers are 100% plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made from a proprietary combination of soy, coconut and canola oils, with natural seasonings. Each serving contains 7g to 18g of plant protein, has significantly less sodium than other meatless burgers at just 150g to 200g, and delivers the flavor, texture and experience of traditional animal-based burger products.

Created in 2018, Before the Butcher made its retail debut earlier this year in the fresh meat case at Bristol Farms in Yorba Linda, Calif. Additional retail expansion throughout the California market is scheduled for fall 2019, quickly followed by plans for national expansion. The company also is well established in the foodservice channel, with products distributed in more than 1,500 restaurants and more than 200 schools.

The new UNCUT line of plant-based burgers will be available in late 2019 at select retailers. For more information, visit


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Ralphs, a grocery chain under the Kroger banner, has added Before the Butcher’s line of Uncut plant-based products to 192 of its stores in Southern California, reports Progressive Grocer.


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Meatless alternatives have witnessed an uptick in demand of late as more health- and environment-conscious US citizens grow increasingly skeptical of the amount of meat they put on their plate. Needless to say, several companies have begun to address this issue, introducing a range of plant-based meat products.


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Danny O’Malley was a salesman at Beyond Meat for three years, and the more time he spent there the more he knew he wanted to delve deeper into the development side of the plant-based food business and have a bigger role in new product innovation.


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IRVINE, Calif. – Officials with Before the Butcher, announced on Oct. 23 the launch of its plant-based Uncut line of meat alternative burger and sausage products in the grab-and-go cases of 192 Southern California area Ralph’s Grocery stores, a brand under the Kroger Co.’s banner. The debut at Ralphs stores will be followed by additional distribution to 50 more retail locations by Nov. 1, which will include 40 Lucky’s Markets across 10 states and 10 Central Market stores in Texas. Whole Foods Market in Long Beach will also carry the product line, which includes Before the Butcher’s Uncut Burger, Uncut Savory Chicken Burger, Uncut Roasted Turkey Burger and the Uncut Breakfast Sausage Patty.


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Uncut Plant-Based Burgers Debut In 192 Ralphs In SoCal

Before the Butcher‘s Uncut plant-based burger and sausage products are now available in 192 Ralphs Grocery stores in Southern California, marking the entry of the Uncut brand in retail grab-and-go cases. More than 50 additional stores will carry the line by Nov. 1, including Whole Foods Market in Long Beach, 10 Central Market locations in Texas and 40 Lucky’s Markets in 10 states from Colorado to Florida.


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Benefits of trading your burger for plant-based "meats"


Benefits of trading your burger for plant-based “meats” featured youtube video

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Featured on the Steve Harvey Show – Before The Butcher On Steve Harvey Show – Eat UNCUT™

Danny was featured in a live segment on 6/5/19


The Watch List 6-05-19, Before the Butcher Featured Live. on TD Ameritrade Network.

Meatless movement is not a fad: Before the Butcher Presiplant


Before the Butcher Presiplant & Founder Danny O’Malley on the company’s new Uncut brand of meatless products.

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Labor Day is for meat. That’s just the rules. As the summer draws to a close, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a cookout or two over the long weekend. Maybe you’ll have your own.

Beyond Meat’s Test at KFC Shows There’s a Market for Alternative Chicken


Holy alternative cow.

Beyond Meat (ticker: BYND) continues to blitz the food-service industry. A test of plant-based fried chicken at a KFC in Atlanta sold out in just five hours.



The owners of Jensen Meat Company, Jeff and Greg Hamann, have acquired plant-based startup Before the Butcher.

Founded in 2017, U.S.-based Before the Butcher specializes in vegan meat for the foodservice sector. It has also created a range of plant-based meats for retail distribution, called UNCUT.

Summer grilling with plant-based Before the Butcher meats


Before the Burger, a plant-based meats company, is introducing its UNCUT line of plant-based meats into California retail extending far beyond burger patties. Options include chicken, breakfast sausage, turkey, beef and more!

Vegetarians & Vegans Weigh In On The Best Meatless Burger Options ( Slideshow )


5 more companies tackle plant-based meat alternatives


The meat alternatives market is on fire.

Restaurant sales of meat-alternative products jumped 268% from 2018 to 2019, according to data from group purchasing organization, the Dining Alliance.

Before the Butcher Presiplant: 'We are one of the next big players out there'


NEW YORK — Danny O’Malley’s company Before the Butcher is just a year and a half old, but it’s already making some significant waves in the plant-based meat space.

A Tasting Tour of Plant Based World


The product made by Huntington Beach, Calif.-based Before the Butcher is a prime example of this. 

Future Food: Impossible? Beyond? Our Guide to Meatless Meat in Fast Food


Quick service restaurants (QSRs) can read the tea leaves: consumers want more tasty, meatless options. The month after it put the Impossible Whopper on St. Louis store menus, Burger King reported an 18 percent increase in foot traffic. Del Taco’s introduction of the Beyond Meat tacos was one of the chain’s most successful product launches ever.

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Jensen Meat Company will give the Before the Butcher access to a $25 million credit line and 90,000 square-foot production facility to substantially grow the two-year-old plant-based meat startup.

The only event bringing the plant-based movement to a mainstream audience.


We are activating a more rapid shift to plant-based living by bringing professionals and the community together. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the plant-based movement – as well as plant-based products and services in this fast-growing sector.

Jensen Meat snags stake in plant-based meat business


rivate investors and owners of San Diego-based Jensen Meat Co., brothers Gregg and Jeff Hamann, have acquired controlling interest in Before the Butcher, a plant-based meat company. 

Plant-Based Meat Maker 'Before the Butcher' Acquired by Owners of Ground Beef Company


The company says the acquisition will allow the two-year-old startup to be able to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

As people eat more plant-based meats, with the global market expected to grow to more than $21 billion by 2025, competition is heating up. 

Before the Butcher Acquired by Meat Producer Investors


Before the Butcher yesterday announces that private investors, whose portfolio includes shares in well-known ground meat producer, have acquired a controlling interest in the California company. Founder and Presiplant & Founder Danny O’ Malley says of the deal, “It effectively turns us from a startup to a major player in the space.”

Plant-Based Meat Startup Before the Butcher Acquired by Big Beef


Plant-based meat startup Before the Butcher announced yesterday that it has been acquired by private investors Jeff and Gregg Hamann, who also own the ground beef-centric Jensen Meat Company. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. However, Entrepreneur reports that the California-based company will gain access to a $25 million line of credit, a 90,000 square foot production space, and warehousing facilities.



Plant-based meat company ‘Before the Butcher’ plans for a breakthrough launch in the US retail, harnessing three of the nation’s largest retail outlets. Perhaps offering another product for vegans to choose from. Learn more about the vegan meat brand’s latest announcement here.

Plant-Based Meat Maker 'Before the Butcher' Acquired by Owners of Ground Beef Company


The company says the acquisition will allow the two-year-old startup to be able to compete in an increasingly competitive mark

Plant-based start-up Before the Butcher gears up for retail launch in the meat case with Uncut brand


California based start-up Before the Butcher – which launched its plant-based burgers, grounds and chunks in the foodservice sector last year – is looking to make a big splash in retail in 2019 as it gears up to launch in three of the nation’s biggest grocery retailers later this summer.

Bristol Farms first to have unpackaged UNCUT plant-based meats behind glass

Retailer Bristol Farms is set to become the first grocer in the country selling unpackaged UNCUT plant-based meats and entrees by Before the Butcher behind the glass in its butcher section.

Bristol Farms to Add Before the Butcher Plant-Based Meat

Bristol Farms’ location in Yorba Linda, Calif., will feature UNCUT  plant-based meats and entrees at the butcher counter, reports Progressive Grocer

Before the Butcher’s UNCUT Plant-Based Meat In Butcher Shop

When Bristol Farms opens its new store in Yorba Linda, California, this month, it will become the first grocery store in the country selling UNCUT plant-based meats and entrees in the butcher section
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Vegan Butcher Counter Opens Inside California Grocery Store

Bristol Farms will soon offer UNCUT branded vegan meatloaf, chorizo-stuffed potatoes, and Mediterranean meatless patties behind a glass case in its meat section.

Before the Butcher’s© plant-based meats land in the butcher case at Bristol Farms

UNCUT plant-based meats by Before the Butcher© land in the butcher case at Bristol Farms. Refrigerated plant-based meat sales grew 49% last year, with some attributing the increase in consumer interest to its placement adjacent to conventional meat in stores.

UNCUT plant-based meats now in the butcher case

Plant-based-meat alternatives have become almost mainstream on U.S. restaurant menus, and are increasingly available in grocers’ refrigerated and frozen cases in packaged form.

Vegan Butcher Counter Coming to Californian Grocer

Bristol Farms, an up-market grocery store chain in Yorba Linda, California, will feature UNCUT plant-based meats and entrees by Before the Butcher in its butcher counter. This introduction reflects how mainstream veganism is becoming, the days of ‘hard to find’ niche vegan options are becoming a thing of the past.

UNCUT plant-based meats just made the podium.

Supermarket chain Bristol Farms is now selling products from plant-based meat purveyor Before the Butcher… well, in the butcher case. 

Meanwhile, Giant Food has unveiled an updated shelving paradigm in its newest store—one that carves out a space for plant-based meat in the conventional meat section Before the Butcher… well, in the butcher case.

Before the Butcher’s UNCUT Burger Leads Plant-Based Burger Wars

SUNSET BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Before the Butcher, the start-up whose innovative plant-based proteins have elevated expectations of meat-like texture, announced today that they would officially unveil their latest product, the UNCUT Burger, at the National Restaurant Association Show.