New Vegan ‘Ground Beef’ Burger That Cooks Like the Real Thing to Debut This Month!

There’s no denying it, plant-based meat alternatives are taking over, so much so that the meat industry sees them as a threat and has made attempts to stop plant-based products from using terms like “meat.” But changing terminology does not affect the momentum of the plant-based movement, considering demand for plant-based products is up by 140 percent, and nearly half of Americans surveyed say they support a ban on slaughterhouses and prefer animal-free meat. Plant-based burgers that “bleed,” like the remarkably successful Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, as well as Don Lee Farms’ plant-based burger that is available in Costco, have proven to be wildly popular with consumers. And now there is another ground meat, burger alternative, made by California-based Before the Butcher, that will be making its debut this month!

Before the Butcher will reveal its latest product, the B4Burger, at the National Restaurant Association. Danny O’Malley, Executive Plant Spinner at Before the Butcher, stated, “The B4Burger will shatter your perception of plant-based burgers … This product is on another level when it comes to texture, taste, and value. Foodservice operators across the country will now be able to afford the product they really want and need on their menus.”

Before the Butcher’s products have a soy base and are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Although not certified organic, many of their ingredients are organic. The brand is also a member of the Plant-Based Foods Association and all products are made in California.


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