About Our
Plant Meat Beef

Before the Butcher Is Where PLANT meats PROTEIN. We are on a mission to inspire the plant-based revolution!

Do you love the taste of beef, but can’t stand the nasty effects beef has on the environment and your health? Do you wish you could find an almost identical alternative and delicious beef recipes that will leave you satisfied and full? Then it’s time to discover the new plant meat beef from Before the Butcher!

Our plant meat beef gives our customers the meat-like taste they’ve been searching for without the guilt and health effects of artery-clogging red meat. We know how juicy and delicious meat can be, and we found a way to keep the flavor without being cruel to animals and the environment. Plus, our food comes at a price that everyone can afford! Are you in college or are living your life on a strict budget? Tired of breaking the family bank every time you buy the protein portion of your favorite recipe? With Before the Butcher, everyone can enjoy a delicious and healthy protein that fits perfectly into their favorite dishes.

What's So Great About Our Plant Meat Beef?

At Before the Butcher, we offer three kinds of plant meat beef:

  • Plant-Beef Shredded: Do you love whipping up fajitas, tacos, or a classic stir-fry on a Friday night after a long week at work? Our plant-beef shredded option is perfect for you! With no gluten, dairy, or GMO, it’s perfect for anyone with diet restrictions or for someone who’s looking to watch what they eat. Throw our shredded “beef” in your favorite sandwich or recipe for a dish that will be hard to say no to.
  • Beef-Free Tips: Our beef-free tips are perfect for anyone looking for a hearty soup, pasta, or burrito protein. It’s tender and mouthwatering, and tastes just the way “meat” should. Have issues with your cholesterol? Don’t worry with Before the Butcher’s beef-free tips! All of our products are made cholesterol-free!
  • Beef-Free Ground: Looking for the perfect ground beef alternative for your burger patties? Before the Butcher finally has an option for you! Our ground “beef” fits in perfectly with your mom’s homemade sauce recipe, tacos, veggie burgers, and plenty of other dishes out there. Just because we’re cutting back on the meat, that doesn’t mean we’re eliminating the flavor or deliciousness you’d expect from ground beef.

Before the Butcher: Where PLANT meats Protein!

In 2016, our two co-founders decided to create a way to make plant-based food look and taste just right. Since then, they’ve worked hard to develop the world’s best plant meat beef and recipes. Here at Before the Butcher, we care about what the world is eating, and we want to be an integral part of the plant revolution.

We want to make sure you’re putting the best food in your body; the food your body actually wants and needs. Say goodbye to the days of stomach aches and other health problems related to red meat, and get ready to discover the only beef alternative you’ll ever want to eat.

Before the Butcher is your answer to a healthier, and maybe even more delicious lifestyle!