About Our
Plant Meat Pork

One of the problems the average omnivore has with vegetarianism is that they would miss the taste of meat too much. The misconception is that there’s no way to make plants taste like meat. Well, we have the technology.

At Before the Butcher we want to inform the public that yes, it is possible to make delicious plant meat pork that tastes just like the real thing. This is good for vegans, vegetarians, pescitarians, and meat eaters alike. Since all of our plant-based proteins are non-GMO, do not contain gluten, and are totally cholesterol free, everyone can enjoy a healthy meal at an excellent price.

Plant Meat Pork Health Benefits

There are many reasons vegetarians choose not to eat meat. Ethical concerns, sustainability issues, and questionable health effects are all at the top of their list. Finding a way to bring vegetarians together with those who share the same moral, environmental, and health ideals, yet still love the flavor of meat, is our top priority. In order to do this, we needed to address the flavor and the nutritional contents of our product.

If you ate our soy-based pork, you would most likely never know it wasn’t an animal product. That said, one of the main concerns meat eaters have with giving up meat is that plants couldn’t possibly provide enough protein for a balanced diet. Well, this is the second misconception people have of forgoing meat for a plant-based diet. Our plant meat is as protein rich as the real thing with fewer fats and no cholesterol. Some people might still believe that protein is hard to come by on a vegetarian diet, but in the modern world this is simply no longer true.

We started Before the Butcher as an initiative that aims to educate the world about the power of plants, reveal the inefficiencies of the current food industry, and show non-believers that a delicious plant-based authentic meat flavor is completely possible. While we’ve achieved the last goal already, there’s still work to be done.