Vegan Chicken Never Tasted So Good! 3 Ways To Enjoy The Healthy Substitute

plant based chicken

We all know that going vegan is good for you: those who have switched to plant based diets have a staggering 20% lower mortality rate than those who eat meat! Unfortunately, the concept of something like plant based chicken, or vegan meat substitutes in general, can make people assume that they’ll no longer be able to enjoy those flavorful dishes that bring them joy beyond simple hunger satiation.

Well, we’re here to tell you that that simply isn’t the case! For those intrepid and curious enough to try new combinations of plant-based meat alternatives (such as tofu, eggplant, cauliflower, or a variety of beans), you’ll be amazed at how truly yummy they can be. Here are three ideas for vegan chicken that will have you licking your lips in delight without sacrificing your health.

  • Chicken salad: Through the use of soy-based substitutes and vegan mayonnaise, this chicken salad will be moist and good for you. Experiment with different toppings — grapes, cranberries, almonds — to achieve that perfect combination of flavor and crunch.


  • Fajitas: When you think about it, the only thing in fajitas that isn’t vegan is the chicken itself. Chock-full of vegetables and spices, you simply need to find a suitable chicken substitute to enjoy this Tex-Mex dish. Add whatever veggies you enjoy the most: peppers, onions mushrooms — the possibilities are limited only by your palate!


  • Fried (vegan) chicken: Everything tastes better when it’s deep fried, including plant based chicken products! From chicken n’ waffles to fried chicken sandwiches, you’ll never run out of recipes that call for vegan chicken being smothered in oil and shoved into a fryer. Best of all, it doesn’t need to be inherently unhealthy — using sunflower or extra light olive oil in place of vegetable oil can eliminate those saturated fats without sacrificing the flavor.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating bland. With so many new vegan products coming onto the market — and so many tried and true recipes already in existence — you can enjoy some delicious food without any guilt, and will actually be improving your physical health at the same time.

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